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Building relationships to build more business...

Why Extension Media
Return on Investment
Free consultation

Extension Media provides a wide array of custom media and marketing solutions designed to improve your understanding of your customers, prospects and partners and build closer and more profitable relationships with them.

An extension of your business:

• Turnkey provider of targeted, high quality marketing communication to your customers, partners and key prospects

• Full program management from concept development to design to content creation, production, distribution and maintenance

• Full program management and implementation of market research studies and face to face events

• Strategic partner for content development and message distribution strategy tailored and responsive to your specific business needs.

Turnkey services include:
• Strategy development, from concept creation to finished product
• Print & online production
• Editorial development
• Creative design services
• Marketing, copy writing, and public relations
• Advertising sales
• Project management

Extension Media custom solutions are designed to achieve tangible results through:

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE by delivering content they want and value...
INTEGRATE PRODUCT EDUCATION and MARKETING that moves customers and prospects to take action...
CREATE brand loyalty and IMPROVE customer retention...

Learn more about our custom solutions:

Custom Magazines
Print & Electronic Newsletters
Internet Content and micro-sites
Market Research
Lead Generation
Face-to-Face Events

Custom Magazines - print & online

Utilizing respected Editors with a comprehensive understanding of your market and your offerings, Extension Media brings a unique combination of editorial skills, industry expertise and turnkey product development services that will enable you to maximize the return on your custom magazine. Extension Media services ensure that you will effectively achieve an ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects and create a valuable platform for marketing your products and services. See an example.

Print & Electronic Newsletters

Extension Media provides turnkey services enabling you to have a highly effective Newsletter campaign. Integrating high-value, unique content with your company's marketing messages and case studies, Extension Media maximizes your return on investment and establishes an ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects. See an example.

Catalogs - Product directories, buyers' guides, third-party partner guides, member directories

Extension Media offers comprehensive catalog services including design, data sheet template creation, production, editing, third party ad sales, printing, and distribution (both print and online). Extension Media services will enable your company to fully demonstrate its capabilities in a format that will be valued and used regularly by your audience. See an example.

Internet Content - Webzines, e-content, topic or product or service focused micro-sites

Extension Media brings a deep understanding of what works on-line and what editorial, production and technology resources are needed to create highly effective on-line publications and micro-sites using dedicated Industry expert Editors and talented designers. See an example.

Market Research

We conduct systematic and objective data collection and analysis about your target market, competition, and/or environment to increase your understanding of your current and prospective customer needs. This essential data can be used to guide your most important strategic business decisions and help to formulate more effective and targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the people you're trying to reach in a way that interests them most.

Lead Generation

Extension Media provides custom marketing, media, list rental, market research and telemarketing services all focused on lead generation. Extension Media combines an understanding of list databases, effective lead generation marketing techniques, custom media development and industry expertise to maximize the opportunity to create new sales prospects for your business.

Face-to-face Events - Special events, webinars, customer and prospect seminars

Whether it's planning a special event to highlight your brand, launching a new product, generating event attendance through effective promotion or selecting speakers that will maximize interest, Extension Media excels at event planning.

Want to find out which solution best matches your company's objectives?
Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Research proves that custom communication and media effectively strengthen the bond between you and your customers and prospects

Why Extension Media?

Multi-media Expertise - our talented management team brings a diverse mix of publishing, marketing, sales, and Internet experience to your project.

Industry Expertise - meet our market experts who can help you identify new opportunities in their field of expertise.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Care - a core value around which we conduct business - if you're not satisfied, neither are we.

Proven Track Record - learn what we've done for other businesses and how we did it.

Affordable Solutions - contact us to learn how we can launch a complete, integrated media and marketing communications program for you at a price you can afford.

Results Focused - at the end of the day, we know what really matters is your return on investment. This is the driving force behind all of our programs.

We are committed to first-rate customer service and exceptional quality at cost-effective rates.

Contact Extension Media to explore a custom media/marketing program for your company!

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