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Welcome to the Embedded Linux Resource Catalog 2005!

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Metrowerks and Linux®

by David Beal, Metrowerks

The Embedded Linux Revolution and The Innovator’s Advantage

by Kevin D. Morgan, Vice President, Engineering, MontaVista Softwar

Linux is an Important Part of SBS Products

by Steve McMillan, SBS Technologies, Inc.

Untethered != Insecure

by TeamF1, Inc.

Creating a Linux solution for the Intel® IXP425 network processor

by Glen Middleton, Managing Director, Arcom

BlueCat Linux 5.0

by LynuxWorks Inc

Single Hardware & Software Source

by Octagon Systems

Combat Network Bottlenecks with a TOE

by Alan Baldus, Director Application Engineering, SBE

Windows CE and VxWorks feel the impact of Embedded Linux

by Stephen Balacco, Venture Development Corporation

Welcome to Edition Three of the Embedded Linux Resource Catalog

by Murry Shohat, Executive Director, Embedded Linux Consortium

Products & Services

Company Product Contact Us
Hardware / Hardware Tools
Arcom VULCAN IXP425 Xscale® Embedded Linux Development Kit us-sales@arcom.com
Arcom VIPER Xscale® Embedded Linux Development Kit us-sales@arcom.com
Embedded Planet Linux Based Embedded Planet Single Board Computers info@embeddedplanet.com
Octagon Systems Corp. New XE-800 EPIC OS Embedder™ Kit info@octagonsystems.com
Octagon Systems Corp. PC-770 Linux OS Embedder™ Linux Kit info@octagonsystems.com
PFU Systems, Inc. Embedded Systems & System-On-Modules sales@pfusystems.com
SBE, Inc. iscsiPCI-2GCx info@sbei.com
SBE, Inc. wanPMC-C1T3 info@sbei.com
SBS Technologies Cx9 Single Board Computers info@sbs.com
SBS Technologies IB4X-PMC-2A InfiniBand® HCA info@sbs.com
SBS Technologies TELUM 1000 info@sbs.com
Tri-M Systems TMZ104 info@tri-m.com
VersaLogic Corp. Embedded Computers info@VersaLogic.com
WinSystems, Inc. Embedded SBCs with PC/104 Expansion info@winsystems.com
Design / Debug Tools
American Arium LC-500 Emulator sales@arium.com
Lauterbach TRACE32-ICE/FIRE sales@lauterbach.com
Evalution Boards / Reference Designs
Softier Inc. LDDK—Linux DSP Development Kit info-softier@softier.com
Hardware / Hardware Tools
Tri-M Systems CT104 CanTainer info@tri-m.com
Tri-M Systems HESC104 info@tri-m.com
JTAG Probes
Ultimate Solutions, Inc. Abatron BDI Series of BDM/JTAG Emulators info@ultsol.com
Software Products
Sleepycat Software Berkeley DB info@sleepycat.com
Lauterbach TRACE32-PowerTools sales@lauterbach.com
Design / Debug Tools
American Arium SourcePoint™ Debugger & SourcePoint™ IDE sales@arium.com
LynuxWorks, Inc. SpyKer™ Embedded System Trace Tool inside@lnxw.com
Development Tools
Allegro Software Development Corp. RomPager Internet Product Family sales@allegrosoft.com
Lauterbach TRACE32-PowerView sales@lauterbach.com
Microcross, Inc. Visual X-Tools™ sales@microcross.com
MontaVista Software Graphics for MontaVista® Linux® www.mvista.com
NuDesign Team, Inc. Visual Embedded xAgentBuilder for C++, Embedded Linux Edition contact@ndt-inc.com
TimeSys Corporation TimeStorm® Development & Testing Tools sales@timesys.com
Networking / Communication Packages
NextHop Technologies, Inc. NextHop GateD NGC sales@nexthop.com
TeamF1, Inc. Air Secure Access Point (ASAP) Sales@TeamF1.com
TeamF1, Inc. Switchcraft Sales@TeamF1.com
Operating Systems / Distributions
Enea Embedded Technology, Inc. Enea Orchestra info@enea.com
LynuxWorks, Inc. BlueCat Linux 5.0 inside@lnxw.com
MontaVista Software MontaVista® Linux® Carrier Grade Edition www.mvista.com
MontaVista Software MontaVista® Linux® Consumer Electronics www.mvista.com
MontaVista Software MontaVista® Linux® Professional Edition www.mvista.com
TimeSys Corporation TimeSys Software Development Kits (SDKs) sales@timesys.com
Protocol Stacks
TeleSoft International TeleSoft Protocol Stacks sales@telesoft-intl.com
Software Products
Birdstep Technology RDM Embedded www.birdstep.com
Underbit Technologies, Inc. MAD: MPEG Audio Decoder licensing@underbit.com
Vibren Technologies Embedded Linux Development Services contactus@vibren.com
K Computing Linux Developer Training info@kcomputing.com

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