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Extension Media is a privately held company operating over 50 B2B magazines, engineers' guides, newsletters, websites, live webinars and conferences that focus on high-tech industry platforms and emerging technologies. Our publications serve several markets, i.e. Electronics, Software/IT and Mobile/Wireless, and include: Embedded Systems Engineering,, Solid State Technology and, Embedded IntelĀ® Solutions,, Chip Design, and Industry events produced are The ConFab semiconductor manufacturing and design conference and networking event, the Internet of Things Developers Conference (IoT DevCon), the Machine Learning & AI Developers Conference (MLDevCon), and the IoT Device Security Summit.

Founded in 2002, Extension Media products provide industry executives and influencers, managers, embedded developers, software and hardware developers, IT professionals and design professionals with in-depth product, technology and solutions-oriented information.

We offer business marketing professionals highly focused, affordable print and online advertising, direct marketing and custom media opportunities. Extension Media custom solutions are designed for companies to increase their revenues and sales lead opportunities with custom media and marketing programs to improve sales, build market share and strengthen customer relationships and retention.

The Extension Media corporate office is in San Francisco, CA. Founded by veterans from CMP, Miller Freeman and Paperloop publishing, we bring customers expertise, a wealth of experience, commitment to quality and resources to succeed in a rapidly evolving business marketplace.

With today's increasingly competitive environment, it is critical to be effective and maintain affordability in your marketing communication solutions and B2B Media choices. Extension Media is focused on providing excellent service and bringing tangible results for your best success.

Job Opportunities

Executive Management Team

Vince Ridley
President & Founder

Vince RidleyVince Ridley is President and Founder of San Francisco-based Extension Media LLC, a provider of targeted business-to-business media and custom publishing solutions for the high-tech industry. He is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of the business.

Vince brings more than 16 years of media, marketing and business development experience across myriad b2b vertical markets including software development, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, financial technology, and communications. His publishing career began at Miller Freeman, Inc. where he launched four new profitable divisions including Custom Publishing, Digital Media Services/Internet, Data Products and Commweb (a portal for the Telecommunications Industry). Vince was responsible for growing these businesses to over $20 million in revenue in 1999.

Most recently, Vince served as Vice President of the Internet Business Division at Paperloop, a multi-media company for the global pulp and paper industry (awarded "best of the web" by Forbes magazine). In this role, Vince and his team launched, a community portal for the industry and several new businesses, including: interactive advertising/marketing programs, content development and online subscription programs, e-commerce, ASP services, and market research. In just 2 years, more than 150 companies participated in these new marketing and content opportunities.

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Clair Bright
Vice President Sales
Embedded Systems Media Group

Clair BrightClair is the Sales Director for Extension Media. Clair has worked the past ten years as a senior sales manager for a number of San Francisco-based B2B media companies. In 1995, she joined Miller Freeman Inc. and launched a central sales and marketing group that sold targeted, integrated advertising for Miller Freeman's annual industry directories and product guides. She quickly built an organization that grew to produce 30+branded products and $5 million in annual revenues for market-leading publications such as Dr. Dobbs Journal, Microsoft Systems Journal, Network Magazine, Game Developer and Wall Street and Technology. As Product Development Director for CMP Media's high-technology websites, Clair coordinated market research, created product plans, and integrated marketing strategies and strategic alliances to launch online products featured on the websites of Information Week, Embedded Systems Journal and Web Review.

Clair has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism/Political Science from the University of Kentucky.

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Senior Business Advisors

Timothy J. Fazio
Managing Partner, Atlas Holdings

Timothy J. Fazio is a Managing Partner of Atlas Holdings. Mr. Fazio has substantial experience in business development, partnerships, financing, and building successful start up ventures. Mr. Fazio is also a founder of Forest Resources LLC, an investment vehicle with substantial assets in the containerboard sector of the paper and forest products industry. Mr. Fazio is a director of Forest Resources LLC. Mr. Fazio is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Loren Hickman

Loren has more than 38 years experience at major U.S. publishers in developing, launching and marketing numerous new media and information services. At Miller Freeman Inc., positions included Group Publisher Electronics Publications, Group Director Associated Publishing (directories, online services, contract publishing, books, editorial licensing, data service, tradeshows and conferences), and Director of Corporate Communications. At McGraw-Hill Publications Inc., Loren was Editorial Director of its education magazines and Director of Special Projects for the Newsletter Publishing Center.

Carl Landau
President and Founder, Niche Media

Carl LandauCarl Landau is President and Founder of Niche Media, which serves the media advertising community with high value seminars and training. He has over 20 years experience in media and creating innovative marketing programs for advertisers. He is widely respected as one of the industries leading entrepreneurs.

He has personally started 5 highly successful magazines and two conference/tradeshows. In the 1980's, he was into publishing computer magazines. He started (with just a $50,000 investment) the first micro computer magazines for professional programmers--Computer Language, AI Expert and the conference/ tradeshow that eventually became the world's largest independent Software Development conference. At 29, he sold CL Publications for $5 million.

In the 1990's, he was into craft beer publishing. He started (with just a $30,000 investment) the leading craft beer and wine hobby magazines-Brew Your Own and WineMaker and the trade magazine BrewPub. Niche Publications was built into a profitable $2 million business.

Regina Starr Ridley

Regina Starr RidleyRegina Starr Ridley is the former president of CMP's Specialized Technologies Group, which serves the information needs of professionals in targeted high-tech markets through an integrated media offering of magazines, events, and web sites. She started her career in media 20 years ago, joining Miller Freeman Publications in San Francisco as an editorial assistant after receiving a masters in international management from Thunderbird in Glendale, Arizona.

In 1984 Regina left Miller Freeman to join a friend who was launching a computer magazine. Three years later, Miller Freeman bought the company and Regina returned as editor, and soon after became publisher. Through the 1990s, Regina's responsibilities grew through magazine and trade show acquisitions - including M&T International in 1993 and Telecom Library in 1997 - and launches - including the Software Development shows and Web Techniques magazine. In 1999, Miller Freeman's parent company, United Business Media, acquired CMP Media and Regina's group moved under CMP. As President of CMP's Specialized Technologies Group, Regina was responsible for 20 magazines, 15 events, and 8 community web sites as well as a staff of over 500 located primarily in the Bay Area; Lawrence, Kansas; Southampton, Pennsylvania; and New York City.

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